A place where magic happens

Originally built in 1909, The Chapel “La Cappella,” has served as a meeting place for many of Bountiful’s early residents. For over one hundred years it has continued to be a place where families can gather, memories are made, dreams come true, and magic happens.

Located in the heart of Bountiful, this venue has all of the historic charms of the past one hundred years, while at the same time offering exceptionally updated and timeless rooms to host any style event.

Our owner, managers, and staff are entirely dedicated to helping every client achieve their vision. We believe that no two events should ever be the same and that by creating unique spaces with a neutral backdrop we can help each client achieve their “one of a kind” event that they have envisioned.

We are a private venue. When you reserve your special date, you will have the entire venue for your guests to enjoy. This reservation includes the historic Dining Hall, the Ballroom, Bridal Suite, and Grooms Suite as well as our beautiful outdoor courtyard.